Resource Management

The significance of food, water and energy to economic and social well-being.

An overview of global inequalities in the supply and consumption of resources.

The changing demand and provision of resources in the UK create opportunities and challenges.

An overview of resources in relation to the UK.


  • the growing demand for high-value food exports from low income countries and all-year demand for seasonal food and organic produce
  • larger carbon footprints due to the increasing number of ‘food miles’ travelled, and moves towards local sourcing of food
  • the trend towards agribusiness.


  • the changing demand for water
  • water quality and pollution management
  • matching supply and demand – areas of deficit and surplus
  • the need for transfer to maintain supplies.


  • the changing energy mix – reliance on fossil fuels, growing significance of renewables
  • reduced domestic supplies of coal, gas and oil
  • economic and environmental issues associated with exploitation of energy sources.
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