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Extra Reading

As boring as reading sounds, it is a really useful way of understanding more about a topic. However, we understanding that reading long, convoluted text makes topics seem dire or confusing. When reading a book or passage, highlight the key points – but be really strict – you do not want to highlight the whole text!

But how do you find the books? What’s the best method in finding the most appropriate, relevant material? One method is searching a search engine for keywords, using quotations marks and using Boolean searches parameters like ‘AND’ and ‘OR’. This would come up with thousands of searches, so be sure to filter your searches to ‘books’, ‘publications’ or ‘websites’.

Search for ‘First World War’ AND ‘women’s rights’ OR ‘women’s equality’.

This should source resources about women’s rights in the first world war. The more parameters you include, the more refined the search becomes. Be careful though, if you refine the search too much, you risk losing out on possible relevant searches.

The best places to find books is your local library, which would have plenty of books. You can find your local (UK) library here.

Free Library Reading

Project Gutenberg is a large-volunteer led project to digitalise many works and increase accessibility to books and learning. Feel free to search the library for any books added to the library.


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